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This was beyond the wildest dreams of the young band from Huntington Beach, California. Solidified in 1989 with the addition of Josh Freese (The Vandals' own discovery), the band really didn't kick into high gear until 1995 when Offspring vocalist Dexter Holland signed them to his own label, Nitro Records, and the band hit the road full time booked by super agent Stormy Shepherd. With our booking agent and record deal in place, we could concentrate on making better music,' admits Joe Escalante, bassist of The Vandals.

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The Vandals - Oi To The World (CD) 199601 A Gun For Christmas02 Grandpa's Last X-mas03 Thanks For Nothing04 Oi!A couple of tunes are maybe worth a chuckle, but mostly the Vandals spew out super-sized duds on Internet Dating Superstuds.It's a shame too, because they were on a roll from The Quickening to Look What I Almost Stepped In, and Christmas With the Vandals is a yuletide classic of sorts.Bassist Joe Escalante and guitarist Warren Fitzgerald run Kung Fu Records, drummer Josh Freeze is an incredibly in–demand session drummer and vocalist Dave Quackenbush runs an alcohol distributor.Despite their success in other projects, the band periodically regroups to write new material and perform live.

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