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Tiny URL, bit.ly, and other similar services allow long URLs to be converted to smaller ones on their specific service; the small URL is visited by a consumer and their web browser is redirected to the long URL. If they go away, get hacked, or sell out, millions of links will be lost (see Wikipedia: Link Rot).Archive.org/301Works is acting as an escrow for URL shortener databases, but they rely on URL shorteners to actually give them their databases.Invalid URLs 302 to on 2015-12-18 -- did a scan of everything up through 3 characters; last found one was seq # 31903 (om7) ; run a rescan next year; rescan on 2017-02-18 from seq# 31900; last found seq # 33417 (ps9) rescanned on 2018-12-29 last found sequence# was 33715 incremental alphanumeric, but shares pattern with an image sharing service -- Allows creation of new shortlinks, 3 characters, [a-z0-9], sequential. funkcio=kepnezegeto&h=46cda5622ef666c7af4ec58b56bd0c0c) GET and HEAD, valid returns 302 with destination in Location:, invalid returns 302 to Location: DRZ4TGAj6V (created Nov 16, 2015) Ywa (created Dec 17, 2013) Dtw YAo WSF (created Dec 4, 2015) CYl S1Qywv (created Dec 28, 2015) USA government shortlinks, non-sequential, appears to be 5 char [a-z A-Z0-9], may be worth getting a mapping from gibberish to URL; see also 1. Codes are case-insensitive, so only scanning lower-case.

Here's what to do when you've come across a new URL shortener that should be archived. These are old grabs pre-dating the warrior project.Has random customization options (standard, lower case, and lower case pronounceable) Allows custom URLs and different protocols (http, ftp, see IANA list of URIs for more). Returns 301 with URL in location header for valid URLs. Says on homepage (as of , (EDT)) "Shortening 20,606,232 URLs". Returns 302 with URL in Location header for valid URLs. On success it gives HTTP/1.1 302 and redirects to the URL via Location header. https://donotlink.it/ (from page that appears for invalid links) appears to allow public creation of shorturls; as of , 21 November 2015 (EST) ex: . Links for 200-Pages have to be extracted from html (alias: , , , ) Appears non-incremental; only available to customers of easy ; Ex: easyurl.net/5e3a ; seems alive; alphabet upper and lower case and digits; excluded from google; 4-5 char, some custom; existing: 302 - location; not existing: 301 - due to abuse.On fail it gives HTTP/1.1 200 and spits out a short json error (/--test--). Likewise /nn K7K and /nn K7L work but /nn K7l does not (as of 2017-09-29). More extensive notes here https://gist.github.com/Soulflare3/d3c016f27439630b926527b287687aba Currently cannot create account/shortlinks, resolves existing. Existing links still work Curious in the flq.us/a for example first 301 redirects to us/a before redirecting to desired content. allows public shortening of Google Drive public-linked files, example F , not sequential (jumped from to F when tried two different files seconds after each other), 236,285 urls shortened as of , 24 February 2016 (EST), has a public list of "all" permalinks - note this appears to be inaccurate (there is an option to not make the link public in the list when it is created) -- for GET and HEAD, valid returns 307 with destination in Location header, invalid returns 404 ; alias: this is an component of the website: artists can create shortned urls of their tracks. Characters (i hadn't seen any other characters in the links as of now): "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789" Url format: hive.co/l/a hive.co/l/aa hive.co/l/aaa hive.co/l/aaaa and so on. (positions 1 and 2 are already archived) Status codes: 404 Not found, 302 redirect.id=27122857065955No public method for creating shortcodes. Seems to all be custom names, according to those used on reddit: of , 21 March 2016 (EDT) Appears non-incremental, public method allowed on Homepage, edit/delete/change destination allowed only after login. Adding "-" after short urlshows statistics, default public, but can be made private if logged in. Valid links return a 302 status code with a valid Location header, while invalid links return a 302 status code with an empty Location header.(also provides a way to comment on the linked page) ; ex: .

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