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He gets to decide when you will meet the kids for the first time and when it is okay to stay overnight at their home.During the course of your relationship with a father, you are bound to have surprises.It takes a mature woman to understand the complexities of dating a man who has children because you may not always be able to do the things two mature adults would want to do together.If you come to care for the kids, however, the entire process can be rewarding and the relationship can go far.He knows his kids better than you do and is present in their lives more often than you are.Because you are not on the front line of parenting, trust the choices your boyfriend makes with regard to discipline and care of the children.Make sure that when dating a man with kids, you initially meet in locations that do not involve the children.Try not to meet the children until you are sure the relationship is going to last.

Get feedback from him about how you are doing as the new member of the “family”.

Adding your own personal parenting style to the mix will only confuse them even more.

You can’t push yourself as the “girlfriend” or “lover” in the relationship, especially in front of the children.

It can be complicated when dating a man with kids, especially if he has all or part custody of the children.

It can be hard to find time to be alone without the children and it can be challenging not to offer advice about childrearing to him.

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