Tips on dating etiquette

The dilemma is further complicated because there’s no uniform “right” answer.

Every date and financial situation in modern dating is unique.

Be intentional about getting to know the real-world version of your date, not the social-media variety. If your date mentions he loves pour-over coffee, remember that detail when planning where to meet next time. While the rule of avoiding topics like politics and religion isn’t one that’s set in stone — you might share a faith or political views and find those conversations to be encouraging and important — be careful to avoid hot topics that will evolve into a heated debate. If you said yes to the date, offer to split the tab. If/when he insists, show gratitude — and maybe offer to buy him a drink later. Let a friend know where you’re going and with whom. It will help you better discern if you might have a future with the person you’re with — and will help direct the conversation.

Focus on getting to know one another, not on hashing out your differences. It’s cliché-sounding but true: It’s better to be rejected for who you are than accepted for someone you’re not. You don’t know to share the nitty-gritty on Date #1, nor do you want to focus the conversation on an ex: you’ll give the impression that you haven’t moved on. First impressions count, so make sure your shirt is clean and your breath is fresh. Agree to meet your date at a public, neutral location, with the two of you arriving and leaving separately. (If you know that faith is really important to you, you’ll be more likely to bring up your own when talking about what makes you tick.) Don’t: Complain. It doesn’t have to lead anywhere, nor is the relationship doomed before it begins because you don’t sense that “spark.” Allow the date to simply be an opportunity to meet someone new.

How do you handle yourself when you’re on a date and the check comes?

Succeed and you can impress her without uttering a word.

Mishandle this situation, however, and the date might go downhill fast.

Don’t whine ad nauseam about the traffic, your boss or the slow dinner service.

If you did know it, then you obviously don’t need to get the insights that I will share in this article with you, since you already know everything there is to know about this topic.

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