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There is limited availablity left in the original pressing of Time is a Healer, which includes an 8 page full color booklet.

The next pressing will not be full color throughout and will not contain the lyrics. Ryan plays all the instruments with exception to drums and violin.

I am primarily a songwriter, but have had to start singing and playing my guitar. Tzn-The Best Of Tiziano Ferro-Special Fan Edition songs Written Produced and Performed by Minneapolis musician Ray Gilman.

Hey, it has been a long and confusing trip at times. I have put in the time and money so now it is up to God and the public. Ray's new CD Double Speak delivers a social commentary on the current problems facing the United States and World in general.

Ted also discovered that playing violin made all music seem a lot less mysterious.

"Time is a Healer" flows from start to finish like an old ...The Latina-born singer and songwriter is one of the most talented and appreciated artists in the world.“Rosso Relativo”, Tiziano Ferro’s debut album dating back to 2001, entered the Top 10 chart and sold over 1 million copies all over the world.For Moes Haven fans who want something to listen to while waiting for the Stromboli project to be completed in 2012, this is just what the doctor ordered.Tzn-The Best Of Tiziano Ferro-Special Fan Edition CD music When Ted was growing up long ago, he played guitar as a teenager.

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