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MHon Arc releases prior to v2.6.18 have known vulnerabilities to the HTML filter, making web sites hosting MHon Arc web archives vulnerable to XSS attackes.

All users are STRONGLY encouraged to upgrade to the latest release.

Il Maglificio San Giorgio è un’azienda dallo spirito intraprendente e dinamico, fondato nel 1967 a Porto San Giorgio e attualmente gestito dai fratelli Di Clemente.

Il successo dell’azienda ha conquistato porzioni di mercato sempre più prestigiose, affermandosi oggi leader sul territorio nazionale e su quello estero nel settore della maglieria e nel total look per uomo e donna, rigorosamente made in Italy.

Bishop Merritt’s dynamic teachings have been published in four books: Pursue, Overtake and Reclaim, Jesus Destroyed the Works of the Devil, The Marriage Enrichment Handbook and his best selling book, My Faith is Taking Me Someplace.

“Expectations: I’ll Praise,” a song featured on Faith in the House (companion CD to My Faith is Taking Me Someplace) by Bishop Andrew Merritt and the Straight Gate Mass Choir debuted at number 6 on the Billboard Charts.

The fix to this bug for Source 2013 is available here and edited DLLs are available here.

Valve also released a patch for CSGO's VRAD that fixes this issue.

Under the powerful preaching and teachings of Bishop Merritt, Straight Gate has experienced phenomenal growth – from three members in 1978, to eight church moves and more than 5,000 members today.Other honors for which Bishop has been recognized include: 1990: Minister of the Year by the Michigan Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.1990: Co-Chair of the International Mandela Freedom Tour to the City of Detroit 1997: Clergyman of the Year by the Michigan Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.Straight Gate is located in the heart of Detroit, still holding true as a family based ministry, where Jesus makes families whole.The Straight Gate vision is to reach our city, the nation and the world for Jesus Christ.

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