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MCGRAW: I think they do admit that when they went to pick the car up, and George walked up to the car, the smell was overwhelming. MCGRAW: He said one of the greatest reliefs in his life was that his daughter or granddaughter was not in that trunk when he opened it. MCGRAW: -- told them at the time was that she was with Zanny the nanny. And so her attitude was, look, I want to see the baby. (CROSSTALK) MCGRAW: She knows that -- BEHAR: And at what point in the 31 days, do you know, when she went there to check it out? And you know, I`m being careful about what I say and not just as a tease for people to watch the interview because I know people will watch this interview. MCGRAW: But I want them to speak in their own words. That part is about the trial itself and the verdict and what`s happened since then. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) MCGRAW: You told a lot of lies to us while you were here. (END VIDEO CLIP) BEHAR: Why do you seem shocked that a drug addict would lie? What I was shocked about was that everybody in America bought this. MCGRAW: Well, the story that Casey -- (CROSSTALK) BEHAR: Yes. MCGRAW: What they thought was that out of spite Casey was keeping the child away from Cindy because she was upset with her and she was punishing her by withholding the child. MCGRAW: Two or three weeks through -- it`s about the time she`s -- (CROSSTALK) BEHAR: And yet another 15 days went by. MCGRAW: Well, there were a lot of things in the interview that were - - excuse me -- very surprising and shocking to me. A two-parter even though you said you spent a lot more time with them but you had to condense it. Then there`s a third part on the following Monday that wraps it up. BEHAR: But I mean this is a guy who was a homeless drug addict with a golden voice. And he would say, hey, see the hits on 101 and do his spiel and he recorded him one day on a little a flip phone and he just put it on You Tube. Well, let`s look at some of your interview with him. MCGRAW: We`re going to take a look at one of the clips from one of the show. I show you this because I want you to say, that was me then, that is not who I am now. If you`re honest enough to own that, then you can be believed with what you`re saying today.

MCGRAW: I think they think different things, Cindy and George. So I think they have a hard time letting their mind go there. This is a way of spinning it so that people out there furious with Casey Anthony can say see, she had a grand mal seizure and really didn`t know what she was doing. And the defense was trying to create reasonable doubt, the prosecution was trying to meet a standard of proof to get a conviction. And if you`ve ever smelled a dead body, there`s not another smell like it. BEHAR: He said he did acknowledge it was an overwhelming odor. As did the person that worked in the tow yard and -- BEHAR: Well, who did he think had been killed in the trunk? I mean, you know, we discussed this earlier with you on "The View." And you were saying as a grandparent, you can`t imagine not seeing your grandchild for more than two days, three days, much less 31 days. MCGRAW: Well, you know, Joy, I think sometimes we just -- we get so analyzing something that we forget about common sense. Some of them will feel worse, some of them will feel better. How they learned about Casey`s version of what happened to Caylee, who called them and told them, how they reacted to that.

Joy, I think one of the biggest problems they have is trying to wrap their mind around that a child of theirs could do something horrific to their child. They said that was one of the reasons that they wanted to talk to me about this instead of someone else because the issues here, the family dynamics here, the conflicts of divided loyalty between your daughter and your granddaughter just have been so conflicted, they thought, I want to talk to somebody that maybe will have some insight and understanding into the psychological ramifications of all of this. But it could be that the Anthonys are spinning this story, they`re afraid for their daughter, they`re afraid for themselves. MCGRAW: I think they -- I think each of them -- when I sat down with each of them, I said, look, you guys went through this litigation process here. They gave me no off-limits, any, no holds barred, ask anything, we`ll answer anything. MCGRAW: Well, as a police officer he has been around dead bodies that have started the decomposition process. BEHAR: So she doesn`t believe any of the molestation charges either then, I guess? BEHAR: What about the 31 days that the kid was missing? MCGRAW: -- and find out she doesn`t work there at all. Whichever side of that continuum you`re on, I think they may move their position after they hear this. But we talked an awful lot about what was going on below the surface while all this that we were seeing was happening.

BEHAR: Well, you know, I don`t want to be cynical or mean now. I think -- BEHAR: You believe these people -- that they were sincere? And if they were trying to spin this up and get me to create an impression one way or another, they sure picked some unusual things to include. MCGRAW: Well, I think her saying what she`s saying about the tumor lacks such credibility to an objective finder of fact, that doesn`t wash. BEHAR: What did he think when he took a whiff of that? MCGRAW: And in fact, Cindy being the primary caregiver besides Casey, to radio silence, 31 days. I want to -- so she goes to where she worked, to see her -- (CROSSTALK) BEHAR: Yes. I don`t want to color their answers, the texture of their answer, the tone. Because I`ve said, if you have an opinion about these people, and most people do, Joy, they either hate them or -- or they think they`ve been victimized here and suffered a terrible loss. I think a very interesting part of this whole thing is we know what we`ve seen and heard in the media and actually in the trial. About this guy, Ted Williams, by the way, isn`t he a baseball player who died in 2012 -- 2002?

Stephen Masterson Pacific Capital Bank: present emlpoyer CFO. Went to Mount Holyoke College with her and know all about her.

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