Trouble updating iphone to ios 6

Even though Apple tightly controls its platform - both the operating system and the hardware that it runs on - but there will always be issues that crop up.

It only becomes more likely as you consider i OS 12 supports a wide range of i Phones, i Pads, and i Pods ranging from the latest i Phone XS to the old i Phone 5S. While each new i OS version attempts to eliminate issues when adding new features, oftentimes problems will persist or new ones will even be introduced.

If you’re an average user then you’ll be better off waiting for a few hours before trying the update again.

Otherwise, follow the steps below to download and install i OS 12 using IPSW: Step 1: Go to our download page to download the i OS 12.4 IPSW files for your device.

When a new i OS firmware is released to the public, millions of i OS users are trying to download and install it right away.

If none of the above solutions work for you, consider updating to i OS 12.4 via i Tunes on your computer.Try to unplug your router and plug it after a minute. If your excitement of installing the i OS 12 update which was just released was cut short by “Software Update Failed: An error occurred downloading i OS 12” error then I can understand the frustration.Step 2: When the alert appears, simply click Download and Update button.This will start the download and updates on your device.

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