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Every week, we are contacted by more new readers who’ve just made an offer on or moved into a midcentury house.They are usually extremely enthusiastic about getting started with projects — and that’s a good thing — .Warning: This ain’t no linkbait — it’s 4,998 Retro Renovation University words.A while back, in a story about planning for a kitchen remodel, we asked readers to share their experiences and thoughts.They came up with many more, terrific tips on things to consider when you’re considering a remodel.I agree with the “wait a while” advice–not just to see if what you have grows on you, but because old houses may have expensive-to-fix problems that weren’t immediately apparent and that may be a bigger priority.For homes with a mid-century modern theme, it’s crucial to add light fixtures that compliment that era’s style.

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Can you feel the spring getting closer and closer as the sun goes up every day?One of the greatest appeals to mid-century modern homes is the natural tones that are so frequently found within.Naturally toned hardwood floors and tiles, warm-hued linens and drapes, and furniture pieces that aren’t overly frilly or fussy are most appropriate.Mid-century modern homes have been extremely popular in the last few years in particular with new home buyers either seeking out properties that were built during the 40’s or 50’s or striving to decorate their home as if it were.With a unique architectural look and design tendencies, this style can look amazing when fixed up properly, but if done incorrectly, you could end up with an expensive mess on your hands.

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