Updating bios overheating

*Please contact your local Sony service centre if you wish to inquire, modify, erase or suspend use of your personal information provided in connection with this announcement.Many PC laptops are poorly designed, causing them to overheat and turn off automatically to keep from becoming damaged. Remove Dust Dust often forms around fans and air vents, reducing airflow and cooling.

(Oh, and I currently have 7 tabs open in Chrome while also running Power Point, HWMonitor, i Tunes, Word and Excel… ) Okay, here are the steps I took to stop my Dell Inspiron laptop from overheating and shutting down: STEP 1: Click the Windows Icon and type “edit power plan.” Click on the link provided and you should see this window appear: STEP 2: Click the blue link that reads “change advanced power settings.” This should open the Power Options window: STEP 3: Open the “Processor power management” choice and select “Maximum processor state.” I changed both settings (“On battery” and “Plugged in”) to 85% (you can experiment with different settings), clicked “Apply” and then “Okay.” After a quick restart (not sure if I needed to or not), my laptop was running perfectly.The small holes under the laptop are needed for the components to properly cool.Placing a laptop on a pillow or bed will smother the vents and stop airflow.This handy little program shows you lots of cool stuff – including the internal temperatures of various important components of your laptop.Here’s my current readout: This shows that since last starting HWMonitor (about 30 minutes ago), the minimum temperature for Core #1 (whatever that is) was 44° Celsius, the maximum temperature over that time was 71° and the current temp is 49°.

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