Updating database with sql statement

These exercises allow you to try out your skills with the UPDATE statement.

The MODIFY clause permanently modifies the format of the Salary column.Introduction to SQL SQL Lesson 1: SELECT queries 101 SQL Lesson 2: Queries with constraints (Pt. 2) SQL Lesson 4: Filtering and sorting Query results SQL Review: Simple SELECT Queries SQL Lesson 6: Multi-table queries with JOINs SQL Lesson 7: OUTER JOINs SQL Lesson 8: A short note on NULLs SQL Lesson 9: Queries with expressions SQL Lesson 10: Queries with aggregates (Pt. 2) SQL Lesson 12: Order of execution of a Query SQL Lesson 13: Inserting rows SQL Lesson 14: Updating rows SQL Lesson 15: Deleting rows SQL Lesson 16: Creating tables SQL Lesson 17: Altering tables SQL Lesson 18: Dropping tables SQL Lesson X: To infinity and beyond!query to make sure you are updating the right rows, and only then writing the column/value pairs to update. The SELECT clause displays the table before the updates. The FROM clause specifies EMPLOYEES as the table to select from. The UPDATE statement updates the values in EMPLOYEES.The SET clause specifies that the data in the Salary column be multiplied by 1.04 when the job code ends with a 1 and 1.025 for all other job codes.

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