Updating rockbox

 Once you can see the drive, format it with either the Toshiba Gigabeat Room software or Windows.

 Then at the bottom of the same page linked above, is a file.

ipodpatcher will search for an attached ipod, and if exactly one ipod is found, will prompt the user to install the bootloader from the set embedded in the ipodpatcher executable.

For the full Rockbox installation procedure, see the Rockbox Manual.

It was written to enable the installation of the Rockbox bootloader but also has uses as a general-purpose ipod tool, with the ability to backup and restore the firmware partition and install the Ipod Linux bootloader.

It supports modifying the firmware on both Winpods (i.e.

Our instructions tell you to simply set your computer to show hidden and system files.

 K:\ being the drive letter representing your Gigabeat.)Then go get the bootloader file, FWIMG01.  FXPort#Installation_Instructions Don't forget to switch the battery on and off after you extract everything to the root of your Gigabeat. Will get onto it when I am back from work [Sydney time here] am More later..

Running ipodpatcher without any arguments will start it in an interactive Rockbox installation mode.

This allows users to launch it directly from a GUI file manager.

I used the April 1st build [No april fools jokes please] :(" title="Angry" class="smiley" /I used the manual instructions to install but I couldnt find the GBSYSTEM folder so I went to the mygigabeat forums and discovered I could use winrar to move them.

umm'd and ahh'd and then took the plunge.i followed the procedure in the manual.

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