Updating your cv

To have a great CV, you don’t need to include every position that you have ever held.

If you have a lot of experience especially, consider doing away with positions that don’t add value to your candidacy.

By Lilian Wamaitha You have seen a job and deep down know that you are the perfect fit but you haven’t updated your CV in a long time yet the deadline is in a few days.

While updating your CV may be the last thing on your mind, whether you get that job or not depends on the quality of your application.

Your CV is designed to do one thing: to get you an interview.

However, on average recruiters will spend less than 30 seconds looking at it.

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If you have not applied for jobs for a long time and have gained other skills along the way, this is the first section that you should update.

Consider taking your time to getting it right as it sets the tone for the entire CV.

Try and include a few verifiable examples from your career and demonstrate the value and expertise that you are bringing with you.

If you’re building a personal brand to market to employers, ensuring your CV is constantly updated is vital.

If you need help to get started then have a look at our CV templates.

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