Validating identiy

The atmosphere in Israel in the first thirty years of the State was one in which the secular ideology of the elite looked down on religion and tried its best to impede or discourage it.

Ronen’s family moved to London for a few years where he went to school.

It is a short, academic work, but very stimulating and well worth reading.

The reaction of Liberal individualism, damages the individual as it allows societies to demand that the individual abandon his or her group identity in order to be a “rights bearing citizen” rather than an autonomous individual.

Young disaffected Muslim immigrants react with anger and violence to a situation in which they feel under educated, under employed and under respected.

They were expected to play down Jewish identity in public. In 1958, after the religious quota had been filled, a boat arrived from Morocco with religious children.

They were packed off to a secular Youth Aliyah center near Haifa. Some were crying because they were denied all religious services and the staff were constantly upbraiding and teasing them for being old fashioned. The Religious Parties had to stand by their agreement.

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