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“Why Fetty hiding in the cut tho like he don’t want his other bm seeing him 🤣.” The reality star, who’s apparently earned the title “clapback queen,” fired off on the fan shading Wap, asking why the person was lurking underneath her photo. Smfh I post what I choose on my page dumb a–,” Kalysha replied in a now deleted response. ” Another person advised the celeb to post photos of Wap to her daughter’s private page and not to her personal page.Kalysha wasn’t here for the fan’s counsel and responded, “I post whatever tf I want to on my public page because idgaf what any of you think.The song's accompanying music video premiered on You Tube in May, before being commercially released.

A sex tape featuring the two exes leaked in January, with both Alexis and Fetty accusing the other of leaking the freaky footage. Many of us thought that Fetty would be a one-hit wonder, though he later proved us wrong with his constant grind throughout the summer of 2015.Who knows where his career will go and yet, new women (there’s at least five right now) pop up every other month, claiming to be pregnant with his babies. From his relationship with the original “Trap Queen” to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Masika Kalysha and then Alexis Skyy, here’s everything you need to know about the mothers of Fetty Wap’s children. THEY CANT COMPARE TO ME " NO FLOCKIN VIDEO ON @worldstar NOW DIRECTED BY @joeyungspike OUTFIT: @total_threat SHOES: DSQUARED MAKEUP: @erika_lapearl_mua HAIR: @thepinkpiececollection SPECIAL THANKS TO : @therealdrmiami THEM TITTIES SITTTINNNNGGGGG RIGHT A post shared by Jessica Dime A. Even if you’re not a fan of Fetty Wap, you at least know these three things about him: His breakout hit is “Trap Queen,” his crew is the Remy Boyz and he has some serious baby mama drama.

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