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‘Moments’ is a closed social network between friends.

Besides that, We Chat has a ‘look around’ function where one can (temporarily) allow its location to be public; this allows one to find people in the vicinity to interact with.

This is where We Chat poses a potential competitive threat to Weibo.

But although We Chat might seem more private, it is also targeted by governmental campaigns.

Although the platforms are very different, We Chat actually is a real competition to Sina Weibo.

If Weibo is like an open market place where everyone can see what you say, We Chat is like a private living room where only the ones invited there have access to updates.

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We Chat Basic Functions: Amongst its millions of users, there are 100.000s of companies that have registered with We Chat.Rather than sending written text, users send voice messages in a very walkie-talkie kind of way. Its ‘Moments’ function allows every user to have its own ‘timeline’ where they can post updates for all their friends to see.It is easy to select which group of friends can see what- some updates may only be viewed by work-related relations, while others are meant to be seen by a close group of friends.The power of the app lies its in multifunctionality- making it irresistible to social media fans, mobile users and companies. The application was launched in January 2011 by Tencent Holdings Ltd (Chinese name: Tengxun 腾讯, known by the penguin logo).The growing fan base of China’s superapp We Chat has consistently been brought into connection with the declining popularity of Sina Weibo – although they are actually completely different platforms. Tencent, founded in 1998, has proved that it knows what China’s (mobile) internet users want.

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