Well hung dating

Jump right into to the 20 thoughts women will have when dating a horse-like man.

The movie, a middling success, was supposed to be a comment on how beautiful a person is made by love or infatuation.

Perhaps because this cultural artifact is so associated with masculinity, perhaps because of the sensations of inebriation that they inspire in certain people, or perhaps simply because it's just something that a lot of people have lying around.

The one thing we do know is that this comparison is often floated when trying to explain the dimensions of a certain "thing" to certain people (and yes, we do mean her girlfriends over brunch.

The rumours may be nasty but that doesn't mean they aren't true! It's almost an undeniable fact that when dating someone, people will wonder what their friends would think.

When they finally introduce them, they wonder what their friends think.

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