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More seriously, at about 10% of the locations where PE had provided positive test results, the inspectors could not find any monitoring equipment to take a reading, raising questions about whether false results had been recorded.Rogers determined the extent of the corrosion-testing problems, installed a new training and auditing regimen, and hired quality-control employees to check compliance work. Peoples Energy was bought by Wisconsin-based WPS Resources Corporation in July 2006.In April 2006, the Illinois Commerce Commission launched an investigation to see if employees falsified safety reports on some of its gas pipes.State inspectors found that about 40% of the pipes had inadequate corrosion protection.Prior to her tenure at JPC, Rogers was selected by Barack Obama's office as the White House Social Secretary for the incoming administration in November 2008.

US teenager, Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf was rewarded 3 million dollars for winning the World Cup Fortnite Championship in New York and Donald Trump announces a new tax on French wine as a retaliatory measure in reaction to France's new tax on American tech companies.

Rogers' brother and mother still live in New Orleans. During her tenure, Rogers worked extensively with over 8000 retailers to increase the sale of instant ticket products from 300 million to over 600 million.

Rogers is a survivor of breast cancer, following a diagnosis in 2003. Beginning in 1997, Rogers worked as vice-president of corporate communications for Peoples Energy (PE), which is now a natural gas subsidiary of the Integrys Energy Group.

Former principal Eddie Hundley is in the courtroom.

Please join us on the playground at John Rogers Elementary to celebrate the start of the new school year!

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