Who is kelly rowland dating white guy invalidating session on

Plus she was adopted living with princess B & their rich ass family,of course you gonna feel some type of way.This woman revealed herself, so what if its to help sell her music that's what she got to do.You says beyonce name EVERY GODDAMN INTERVIEW, you states that it took a light skin mixed creole to make you feel good about being dark skin, now ya saying you were jealous of beyonce , what's next sista you gonna say you want to bleach ya damn skin so you can look like her too?? Im gonna say it like a great brotha said it today this chick is the female version of ray j, just can't make good music for shittttttttttt and need shock value in order to sell some records AND EVEN THAT DOESN'T WORK!!! People need for her to come out of her shell if she wants to stay in the music industry and that is exactly what she did.Then there are idiots like you who spew negativity with the intelligence of a 0 and the knowledge of nothing.I take after father and have a zero tolerance for that shit. You can meet(lawyers,busy professionals, benefactors. models, celebrities, etc….)If you are single,perhaps you can have a try. Kelly was brainwashed, thanks to Matthew and Mama Knowles, to think that Beyonce was the chosen one and the beautiful one because she's light etc.

’ and he said: ‘What if we took a break from dating and God sent you a guy and that guy was me? And I almost ran away from that, but I just embraced it.

In a promotional video for the hit singing competition, the feisty Destiny’s Child star is seen pouring a class of water over a mystery coach’s head – with Sonia Kruger later revealing the person to be newcomer Guy Sebastian.

In the clip, Guy can be seen looking on in horror and pleading “hold on, hold on,” whilst holding up his hands in surrender.

Marriage is awesome, it has its ups and , like anything in life, but it’s incredible. He believes when I don’t, believes that anything can work and that anything is possible in such a positive light.

I think he’s a freak sometimes, no-one can see things like that, but he’s a realist and he’s positive and he’s an asshole, but I love him for everything he does, like in the cutest way of an asshole.” “I was like coming into that, people trying to say that women can’t be fly after having a that and said it’s not the case, Bey did it …

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