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You are not an underrated but always welcome screen presence who has worked steadily with a number of great directors in critically acclaimed projects with a lot of heart.Most successful men will tell you that they achieved success when they met their partners.

right now, by brushing up on the romantic status of every major relationship in the MCU in chronological order, grappling with the uncertainty of who might be resurrected. It’s always you,” he says to Pepper at the beginning of the first with Drax watching.

Take a Break from Mark Ruffalo Films for a Bit Speaking of great films, it is crucial that you stay away from the Ruffalo filmography if you’re ever in a fight with your boyfriend.

Do not, under any circumstances, watch while angry with your significant other. You have a perfectly okay boy friend right in front of you.

Even if he’s not Mark, you’re with your man for a reason, namely because he’s not bad.

Try to Stay Present in Reality The most important thing is to remember that your boyfriend isn’t a magic fix to all your problems ­– he’s your partner in this grand adventure we call life.

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