Who is melanie fiona dating now

After delivering a series of show-stopping covers throughout the year, the soulful songstress releases “Remember U,” the lead single from her forthcoming third album, Next Train. Read More Melanie Fiona takes on King Kendrick and Rihanna.

The R&B songstress and her boyfriend, singer-songwriter Jared Cotter, have announced the birth of their son Cameron Lincoln. Read More Last month, Melanie Fiona revealed her pregnancy with an Instagram video snippet of “I Want It All.” Now the Canadian songstress, who’s expecting a baby with singer-songwriter Jared Cotter, has posted the full video... The R&B songstress is pregnant with her first child.

I'm posting this email as she sent it because she's obviously pressed about these two kids dating each other (IF they are even dating).

Who cares if a Hispanic man and a black woman are dating in 2011? Why hasn,t it been reported on about her and Adam rodriquez ,she lies to all the male black fans and he lies to all the white fans when the facts are if you dig around is they live together in his venicebench,calif condo and when in new York they live at her my opinion but says she black when it is conveince for her to blend in , I wonders has she ever dated a black man because to me she fake smiles through her uncomfort with them,with that muti culture stuff her rips all the time and in a pix of her 2004 she has on an engagment ring want eitherty was he I wonder,why are him and her elders say if they hide you someone is ashamed of you,what do you think?

In 2011, Hallim began recording her second studio album.

The lead single was entitled "Gone and Never Coming Back".

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