Who is miss jay alexander dating

ICYMI, this is only Episode 2, so this confession felt a little premature.

J's trademark expression of widened eyes perfectly captured how incredulous everyone but Hannah seemed to feel toward his proclamation.

Zak graduated from the Motion Picture Institute in Michigan and moved to Vegas to pursue his career to film documentaries.

Initially, Zak was pretty skeptical, but his passion for investigating the paranormal came when he apparently had a ‘face-to-face encounter with the spirit of a suicidal woman’ in his previous apartment building in Trenton, Michigan.

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Alexander, or Miss J, became a regular judge in Cycle 5 and frequently appeared on the show until a revamped Cycle 19.Oh and if you think that Zak is gay since he shows no intention of getting married or even introduce his non-existent girlfriend, you are very wrong.Because he had made it very clear that he didn’t play for the other team when a fan tweeted about him being gay; too bad for all the gay guys out there.In 2018, he began starring on the web series Baby Doll Records.He was 5 years old when he began his acting career by landing the lead role in his school's play.

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