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For example, men will sometimes claim that it is over for Black women because other women have learned that squats help with a more protruding, shapely butt.Some people will associate bigger hips, butts and boobs with “Blackness,” therefore reducing Black women’s bodies to an object of sexual desire that is heavily tied to their value as a human.Speaking specifically from my experiences as a darker skinned Black woman and from my observations of others, I theorize that black women are so hypersexualized in dating and hookup culture that it becomes difficult for them to “reclaim” their sensuality in the same manner as other women.Where other women are demeaned and devalued to just their bodies, they are also often associated with some value other than their bodies, though still gendered and sexist.Colorism refers to the idea that lighter skinned people (of every racial and ethnic category) are found more attractive according to white beauty standards, and this perception of beauty often leads to more opportunities in life.In regards to dating and hookup culture, it is especially difficult for darker skinned Black women to enjoy being apart of dating and hookup culture.

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The differences in how Black women are perceived in dating and hookup culture is heavily linked to anti-blackness and white beauty standards — essentially colorism.

The complexity of this culture is difficult for any woman to navigate, but I believe that it is especially difficult for Black women — particularly dark-skinned Black women.

Black women are undoubtedly hypersexualized and often objectified in the media more than any other racial group.

Black women’s bodies are often equated to their value in the media.

We mainly see this type of hypersexualization in hip-hop culture denoted by the ways in which men speak of Black women in terms of their curvaceous attributes or lack thereof.

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