Xbox live arcade dating sim

With a wide variety of enemies, weapons, and customizable stats, this is probably one of the most intelligent shooters on the platform.

What could have made it better: It was practically begging for co-op.

Who will like it: Platforming fans, people who like puzzlers that don’t require an IQ north of Albert Einstein, Ralphie.

Who won’t like it: Children on the naughty list, the Grinch, people waiting for Johnny Platform’s Hanukkah Brouhaha.

I’m not exactly a fan of the genre, so the fact that Wizorb held my interest until the end is kind of a miracle.

The only other brick-breaker that has done that for me is Shatter on Play Station Network.

The charming 8-bit graphics that are without a tinge of a modern influence are among the best of their breed on XBLIG. What could have made it better: The RPG stuff is mostly smoke and mirrors, so I wish they had gone further with the concept than they did.

Who will like it: Retro gamers, Breakout enthusiasts, demolitionists.

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Sort of like: Zombies Ate My Neighbors (SNES) if it was a rogue-like.Am looking for some downloadable xbox 360 games on the lower size file (let's say less than 5Gb? Also is there a way to see the download size from within the store before purchasing it?) preferably RPGs or simulation games kind of like Zoo tycoons types. Could do this on Ps3 but can't find how on xbox.. submitted by /u/Generally Moral [link] [comments] More...Who won’t like it: Bricklayers, union contractors, people who would rather be the Elforb instead of the Wizorb when they play Dungeons & Dragorbs.Developed by Ishisoft Games Concept: Yuletide puzzle-platforming. Why I liked it: The sequel to Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp (#36 on the Leaderboard at the time of this writing) combined fast-paced platforming with some clever level design and puzzles. What could have made it better: Both Johnny Platform games feature a useless lives system that halts progress and forces replaying previously beaten levels for no reason whatsoever.

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