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The “New Girl” hook up session was recently filmed with Johnson and Fox for an upcoming episode and the two stars were looking like they really got into it.

After the scene as Fox walked off set, Jake Johnson was seen with a pouty look on his face. Is there a real-life romance building between Johnson and Fox on set?

Director: Fred Goss The gang tries to attend a lot of Christmas parties.

Cece talks to Schmidt about becoming just friends again.

Jess is upset Ce Ce did not tell her when it started and it puts a strain on their friendship. See full summary » Director: David Wain With winter coming and everyone still single, Schmidt initiates a "Bangs-giving"-themed Thanksgiving dinner party, to which everyone must bring someone compatible for someone else.

It's Cece's wedding day and Schmidt thinks she does not want to go through with it. See full summary » Director: Jake Kasdan Jake Peralta, an immature, but talented N. Schmidt decides an aquarium filled with a rare, unattainable, and endangered species of fish is what will cheer him up.

Nick decides to be a take-charge man, and this entices Jess to want Nick.

Megan Fox was seen locking lips with ‘New Girl’ star Jake Johnson as she fills in during Zooey Deschanel’s maternity leave.

The newly single Fox has tongues wagging as the chemistry between the “New Girl” stars is so hot, they’re almost obligated to take it off-screen.

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